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Gurenkov Oleg

Was born in Elgava (Latvia) in 1958


1977 – Graduated from the P. Vlasov`s college in Astrakhan (department of painting)

1989 – Graduated from the Academy Repin`s Institute of Art in St.Petersburg (department of painting) with the Silver medal. His teacher was a famous painter E. E. Moiseyenko.

Since 1996 – Member of Union of Russian Artists.


1987 – First and second prize. All-Union Contest “Struggle for Peace”, Russia

1989 – Silver medal of the Repin`s Academy

1989 – Silver Medal on Exhibitions of Achievement of People`s Culture. Moscow,


 Solo Exhibitions

1992 – Solo exhibition in the House of Cooperation of Science and

Culture in Berlin, Germany

2003 – «ART GOROD» (St-Petersburg, Russia)

2004 – State Museum of B. M. Kustodiev (Astrakhan, Russia)

2004 – Central Exhibitions Hall. (Moscow, Russia)

2007 – Central Exhibitions Hall of Union of Artists (St-Petersburg, Russia)

Main exhibitions

1987 – All-Union Contest “Struggle for Peace” (Moscow, Russia)

1987 – Exhibition in Gdansk (Poland)

1988 – Exhibitions in Holland and England

1989 – Exhibitions in Athens and Soloniki (Greece)

1989 – Exhibition of Achievement of People`s Culture (Moscow, Russia)

1996 – Exhibition in the Russian Embassy in Washington (USA)

1996 – Anniversary exhibition of Russian Union of Artits. Central Exhibitions Hall “Manez”

(St-Petersburg, Russia)

1999 – Tavrychesky Palace (St-Petersburg, Russia)

2000 – Art-gallery ”Labyrinth” (St-Petersburg, Russia)

2000 – Exhibitions Hall “Na Arsenalnoy” (Pskov, Russia)

2000 – “Art-Novosibirsk”. State Gallery of Fine Arts (Novosibirsk, Russia)

2001 – State Museum of V. Surikov (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)

2001 – “Art-group Masterskaya”. Art-gallery “Art-Gorod” (St-Petersburg, Russia)

2002 – “Art-group Masterskaya”. Art-gallery “Spas” (St-Petersburg, Russia)

2004 – Central Exhibitions Hall of Union of Artists (St-Petersburg, Russia)

2008 – Festival «Erotica». «АRКА» art-gallery (St-Petersburg, Russia)

2011 – «Eastern Kaleidoscope -3». «АRКА» art-gallery (St-Petersburg, Russia)

2011 – «Genius and chef-d’oeuvre». Central Exhibitions Hall “Manez” (St-Petersburg, Russia)


Queen’s Aсademy of Arts (London). This painting was sold through Christie`s auction in 1998

Museum of Academy of Arts (St-Petersburg)

Gurenkov`s works are in the private collections in Russia USA, France, UK, Germany, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Austria, Spain, New Zealand, Greece, Chili, Australia many other countries

Гуренков Олег  Gurenkov Oleg –Цветение папоротника  Blooming fern